I made this blog when I was sad. I’m not sad anymore. I have a new blog and I have a new life. I’ve been posting on here every so often still, just to keep it alive, but there’s really not much point in that. So this blog is now dead.

Little mini-update:

  • After years of depression (that y’all know all about) and about a year of bad decisions and fucking around way too much, then a horrible breakup, lots of ups and downs, and more… I’m here: happiness
  • My second marathon is in less than 3 weeks
  • Crossfit is going well
  • School is going well
  • Cancer is still a thing but it’s under control and I’m gonna be fine after a few more rounds of RAI 
  • I’m over my ex (yes, finally)
  • My life is pretty much all about adventuring and exploring now
  • I should be graduating undergrad in 2015
  • After that I plan to roadtrip the country (this is 100% happening, and when that time comes there will be a blog about that and my travels… the url is already saved)
  • Then do a postbac program and eventually med school (and Doctors Without Borders, possibly oncology) OR grad school with a focus on depression and it’s link to cancer
  • So… I got my shit together, and I’ve never been happier in my life. I didn’t realize it was even possible to be happy like this. But, "waking up makes my day" (:

If you care to know my new blog, message me.

If not, peace out.

I wish you all the very best.

RIP sad/old blog, RIP sad/old me.

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You tried to change, didn’t you? Closed your mouth, tried to be softer, prettier, less volatile, less awake… You can’t make homes out of human beings. Someone should have already told you that.
Warsan Shire    

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Claude Monet, The House Seen from the Rose Garden 3.

Look at you. You’re young. And you’re scared. Why are you so scared? Stop being paralysed. Stop swallowing your words. Stop caring what other people think. Wear what you want. Say what you want. Listen to the music you want to listen to. Play it loud as fuck and dance to it. Go out for a drive at midnight and forget that you have school the next day. Stop waiting for Friday. Live now. Do it now. Take risks. Tell secrets. This life is yours. When are you going to realise that you can do whatever you want?
Louise Flory (via wanduring)    

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